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Siocled is another venture born out of the necessity to survive during the pandemic. Melin Llynon invested in chocolate machinery and retrained their Tea Room staff in order to safeguard their jobs. This exciting chocolate bar will see many crazy flavours being introduced in 2021. Best of all, each batch of 1000 bars will include 5 hidden Copper Tickets! 

Siocled ydy fenter newydd Melin Llynon sy’n ymgeisio i arbed swyddi staff yr Ystafell Tê. Ar ôl buddsoddi mewn peiriannau siocled, mae’r staff wedi gallu ailhyfforddi i wneud bariau o siocled. Y peth gorau ydy - mewn pob 1000 o fariau mi fydd 5 Tocyn Copr i’w ffeindio!